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Interactive Offers’ Consistent Lead Generation Through Co-reg Drives Revenue Growth for Investment Advertiser

In October of 1976, Max decided to share his findings with other investors and ultimately wrote the first issue of The Bowser Report. He sent it to approximately 100 free subscribers, and now, in just under 40 years, tens of thousands of investors have subscribed to The Bowser Report to Discover, Learn, and Profit from their newsletter.

Challenges Faced

When The Bowser Reports approached Interactive Offers about a potential partnership, they sought a way to replenish a depleted funnel of prospects and leads for their publication. Leads were drying up, so they needed a consistent source of ready-to-subscribe viewers to engage with their marketing efforts. While they had a few existing systems in place to generate buzz, it wasn’t enough to continue scaling this decades-old publication online. Top-of-funnel lead generation is critical to building revenue, and we were the right fit for their needs.

How We Helped

Interactive Offer’s Co-reg Leads were the perfect solution for Bowser’s qualified lead shortage. Our co-reg leads helped them reach verified users who are already subscribed to a site and are genuinely interested and passionate about what Bowser has to offer. We were able to integrate and connect them with our vast network of clients to optimize their ads to the appropriate audiences, giving them access to millions of engaged readers. They purchased access to qualified leads and targeted their audience to generate new business, subscribers, and revenue.

Results Achieved

Using the Interactive Offers Co-reg Platform, they monetized our user network by strategically placing ads in our publisher’s websites. We helped them deliver high-impact value to their new customers to drive conversions and subscriber growth. Now they use Interactive Offers as a bread-and-butter component of their prospecting and lead gen strategy. The Bowser Report continues to see their business increase through co-reg leads, top-of-funnel marketing, and consistent, high-quality communication with their readers.

"Very pleased with how we’ve performed since starting up with the Interactive Offers platform. Lots of reader engagement, easy lead gen, and best of all… our bottom line keeps increasing. Every investment publication’s dream!"

Thomas Rice, Publisher At The Bowser Report