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The Best Times (And Days) to Send an Email


Take a look at your inbox. Most of those subscription emails you accidentally signed up for are delivered between 9 to 10 AM or 5 to 6 PM, correct? This is absolutely not a coincidence.

There may not be an exact science behind the perfect time to send an email, but heavy research has presented some pretty interesting findings. And after analyzing these findings, some times are just better than others to jump into someones inbox.

Why does this matter?

Email marketing can quite possibly improve your sales conversions by 14 percent. Recipients are typically interested in the unique offers, sales, or updates emails provide— this is information they typically cannot get anywhere else.

So what time should I send them?

Email marketing software company, GetResponse, analyzed 4 billion emails to come up with these numbers:

The highest click-to-open rates are at 1PM (22.5%), 10AM (21%), and there was a spike around 6PM. Typically, these times represent lunchtime, the beginning, and the end of ones work day.

Consider the content of your email before choosing one of these key slots. For instance, sales or promotion (non work related) emails are more likely to be opened around lunchtime— when the recipient is on a break.

Now lets look at different days of the week.

You can measure the success of your email marketing campaign using a variety of factors. Surprisingly, each day of the week may have different benefits associated with it.

Thursdays are best for open rates (18.6%)
Tuesdays have the highest click-through rates (2.73%)
Mondays and Sundays have the lowest unsubscribe rates (0.16%)
Saturdays yield the highest click-to-open rates (14.5%)
Monday has the lowest bounce rate (0.79%)

Email can be a tricky, yet vital, part of your marketing strategy. Keep your emails relevant, use some of these tips, and track your metrics— success should soon follow.