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Components of Highly Effective B2B Marketing Emails


If you send a marketing email, chances are pretty slim that it will be the only one received that day. Peoples’ work inboxes are constantly getting flooded with emails— many of which are business to business (B2B) marketing emails advertising a product or service.

It is easy for B2B marketing emails to be overlooked. Therefore, it’s key to recognize the components of high-converting B2B marketing emails.

Use brief subject lines

Readers are typically working, meaning their attention span is short. Don’t waste their time with wordy subject lines— try and stick to around 5 words as a general rule of thumb.

Keep paragraphs short and to the point

Short paragraphs and bullet points are your friend. Most people read emails on their phones and long text blocks can be overwhelming. Short paragraphs hold a person’s attention, while bullet points ensure readers do not overlook important content.

Your messaging should align with the recipient’s intentions

Someone who just signed up for a mailing list is a lot less likely to purchase an expensive product than a person who signed up weeks or months prior. A new lead will likely spend time learning about the company before spending money. Do not immediately urge new subscribers to buy products.

Follow a template

Following a template will ensure general message uniformity and reduce the likelihood of errors. Appearing scattered or uneducated can dramatically decrease a business’s credibility.

Provide real-person testimonials

Do not just include a customer testimonial— include a customer testimonial that people can relate to. Testimonials work best when they are not too sales-driven and also not simply an extension of the marketer.

Strategically place your calls to action

Calls to action (CTAs) encourage people to make a move toward your product or service. Make your CTAs button style so they stand out, place at least one above the fold, tailor them to the specific product or service (ie "purchase your ticket”- instead of “purchase”), and do not overdo it. Pages littered with CTAs will only elicit feelings of annoyance and confusion.