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Need Better Engagement? Avoid these 4 Email Marketing Mistakes


For 95% of businesses, an email is an essential component of their marketing strategy. Due to high competition and an ever-changing online culture, the rules, trends, and experiments in email marketing can get confusing. This write-up addresses 5 major mistake that will keep your email marketing strategy from reaching its full potential.

Utilizing outdated mailing lists

Low quality email lists will elicit a number of returns and complaints. Long-abandoned mail or overfull mailboxes could even cause your emails to get blocked. Know where your email lists come from— if through a third party, is the company credible? Request to see the results and maintain a level of transparency.

Sending inconsistent emails

About one-third of marketers will send out emails randomly— when they have something to say. Yes, you do not want to flood your recipients inboxes with useless information, but you do not want to become irrelevant by the time there is something to say. Send at least one email per week.

Sending useless emails

As mentioned previously, flooding inboxes with useless information will do more harm than good. How to avoid this? Know your consumer, try to think like them, and then target your emails accordingly. Consider the words and tone in your email creative and provide real, relevant information.

Mismatching subject lines and body copy

Subject lines speak volumes. Initially, “click bait” type headlines may lead to higher open rates, but they will disappoint recipients and eventually be considered spam. It is important to establish trust among potential customers. Subject lines should reflect the content you share.

Email has held a position within the top three most influential sources of information for years. Don’t let it be your downfall.