Introduction to Selling

Email newsletters can provide a powerful revenue stream, but utilizing them properly can be difficult — not with Interactive Offers. Interactive Offers’ ad server can operate in cookie-free environments, like on Outlook and mobile devices. Traditional ad servers cannot.

So what does this mean for you? With our technology you’ll avoid click-caching issues and you’ll be able to effectively monetize every single impression— on every single device and browser. Now, let’s discuss how to use Interactive Offers and explore some resources that will help you on your marketing journey.

Before you begin: We want you to get the most out of our Native email technology, so let’s start from the very beginning — initial implementation, newsletter template design, and potential issues you may run into.

Viewing ReportsOur reporting dashboard makes accessing and analyzing your data easy. You can even download custom reports!

Measuring SuccessYour dashboard will also allow you to measure CPCs and CPMs in your reporting.