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Rex Direct Increases CPA by Utilizing Native Email Ads from Interactive Offers

Rex Direct is an industry leader in lead generation, tracking, and targeting by remaining ahead of the curve regarding current trends and driving consumer behavior. Their goal is to improve their client’s bottom lines by closing more deals using consistent optimization strategies.

Challenges and Goals

Rex Direct’s robust service offerings can sometimes act as a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they can offer guidance and assistance to various client types. However, on the other hand, it creates difficulty generating traffic to specific clients because of the variety of verticals served. They wanted to partner with our team at Interactive Offers to address concerns with conversions. The goal of partnering with us and using our Native Email Ads platform was to access a hyper-targeted, likely-to-convert audience to maximize impact.

Our Tailored Approach

We integrated our Interactive Offers Native Ads platform with Rex Direct’s to grant access to our vast network of available publishers. Our account managers kept a close eye on metrics to ensure gradual improvement and regularly held check-in meetings with Rex Direct’s team to keep communication flowing. We helped them narrow their audience to target appropriate, ready-to-convert customers in the US and Canada and were thrilled with the results.

Rex Success

Almost immediately, we were pleased to see positive results in the form of improved CPA conversion. Their client was no longer wasting advertising spend and instead was seeing one successful ad conversion after another. Now, Rex Direct can offer more consistent results to their clients and look forward to future collaboration.

"Loved being able to deliver positive results to my client after partnering with IO. Great experience so far, and looking forward to applying this platform to other clients who need help."

Jennine T. Rexon, President, Rex Direct