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Don’t Buy Instagram Followers. Do This Instead


If you’re looking to spread brand awareness using Instagram, having great content is pretty key. But do you know what else is pretty important? Having a decent following.

People may not a take a business with, let’s say, 50 followers seriously, so buying followers can be pretty dang tempting. There are plenty of services available that will hand over 1,000 followers for as little as $10, but chances are you’re just buying a number and not actual engagement. So before you shell out your daily coffee allowance for a follower boost, let’s talk about the cons of this method and what to do instead.

Buying followers could hurt your credibility

If you have 80,000 followers and an average of 2 comments per post, it won’t take long before your real followers realize what’s up. Even if you’ve only purchased 1,000 fake followers, it’s pretty easy for the average instagram sleuth to scroll through your following and identify them as fake accounts. Once your real following catches on, there’s a good chance they’ll feel deceived.

‘Fake’ followers can distort your performance metrics

It’s nearly impossibly to measure how well your target audience engages with your content when a high percentage of your audience isn’t real. Bots and inactive accounts will only seriously skew your metrics.

Instagram will likely purge your purchased following and then some

Instagram wants interactions on its platform to be genuine, so it’s become really good at identifying inauthentic accounts and removing them. Since buying followers violates Instagram’s community guidelines, it also might just trigger a reaction from Instagram’s big bad moderators.

Instagram’s latest algorithm seems to reward engagement more than follower count, as it should. So how do we drive engagement authentically?

Your account should be public

Only content from public accounts will pop up on users’ explore pages. A private account is a missed opportunity to attract and entertain your target audience— which likely scrolls through explore page content when they’re looking for fresh material.

Give users a reason to follow you

Post consistently, use high-quality photos and videos, make people think/laugh/relate, and keep your style unique. Whatever you do, don’t post mediocre content and always stay true to your brand. By having an acute awareness of how your brand is perceived, you’ll be able to choose content that relates to it accordingly.

Use Instagram to its fullest

Instagram is always changing, so stay up to date with the latest buzzing hashtags, trends, and features. Different channels like Instagram Live, IGTV, Stories, and Shopping offer numerous ways to connect with users and drive engagement organically and authentically.