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It’s Time To Optimize Your Email Newsletter


Many businesses may be in flux right now, as the world is riddled with uncertainty, but there is one truth that remains— email is one of the most valuable, profitable marketing channels out there.

Since email has a place at all stages of the conversion funnel, it can be leveraged for a variety of purposes. Yet, just running an email newsletter today doesn’t mean you’ll have cash in your pocket tomorrow. You’ll need to invest time and money into your email sends. Here’s some ways to make it worthwhile:

A/B test headlines, always.

By sending multiple versions of the same email, you’ll be able to determine what performs best. To do this, tweak your headlines, subject lines, and value propositions. Sometimes it can be nerve-wracking sending a risqué subject line to all 3,000 of your subscribers, but what if this is what your audience responds to best? You’ll never know until you give it a shot.

Use heat maps to see what your audience notices.

When you have a large (or even small) email list, it’s almost impossible to know exactly how those on the other side of the screen react to your content. Sure, you’ll likely know what they click on, but what about everything else? That’s where heat maps come into play. A heat map allows you to study scrolling and reading patterns. Maybe there’s a section everyone just scrolls over? I think it’s safe to say it can be deleted or replaced.

It’s time to groom your list.

Over time, many of your subscribers will stop engaging with your newsletters. Don’t take it personally, as it does happen to the best of us, but don’t get complacent either. Keep your list fresh and remove subscribers who haven’t engaged in a while, or those who are no longer relevant to your core business. A well-groomed list will result in fewer spam complaints and help you achieve your open-rate goals.

Don’t hang around at the top of the funnel for too long.

Top-of-funnel advertising refers to messaging that reaches users before they are aware of your brand, product, or service. It’s useful when trying to reach new audiences, but its definitely not guaranteed to produce conversions. Instead of getting stuck in the first stage of a potential buyers journey, share some details about your product or company in order to drive engagement to your website.

You won’t get it perfect right away, but your email marketing strategy will evolve with trial and error. And with that evolution, could come a mature revenue strategy. Cha-ching.