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Here's Some Awesome Sites for Creating Infographics— No Experience Required


If you’re anything like me (or most people I’d say) you relate better to visuals than plain text. When information is paired with an image, we typically remember 55% more of it. No wonder visuals are about 40 times more sharable than simple text.

Now let’s talk infographics. Infographics are images that accompany data to help break it down. They’re sharable, customizable, and the best part… you don’t need a graphic design degree to make them, despite what many may think.

Sure, graphic designers can create infographics with ease, but what about the rest of us? Whether or not you lack design experience, these sites offer some of the best tools for creating infographics:


Canva is great because they ask you what you want to do from the start. With that info, the site then generates several templates that you may be interested in. It also doesn’t hurt that its got a library of about 1,000,000 images that can be easily added to your project. Edit the text, images, sizing, etc and Voila— you have a masterpiece. Canva is so easy it’s almost not fair.


Like Canva, Piktochart does not limit you to just infographics. But, the options for designing infographics are vast. The site’s features are pretty similar Canva’s.


Like the two above, Venngage has many design features. Its social media templates, which are used to create instagram posts, blog headers, and more, help it stand out a little more. Its four-tiered approach to pricing includes free, premium, education, and non-profit. allows you to immediately customize infographic templates without even having an account— you must make one to save your work though. Unlike its predecessors, this is a no-frills platform that focuses primarily on infographics. It isn’t as organized as the others, but it’s pretty cheap and easy to edit.


You guessed it, Freepik is a resource for free pictures. Most of its infographic options are complimentary, which is awesome, but you’re limited when it comes to customization.


Infogram allows you to create, what I’d call, more mature-looking infographics. Few of their tools are free and you’re restricted from using designs for public consumption. Still, Infogram does have the handy option of enlisting professional help for your designs— perfect if you’re pressed for time.

Google Charts

Google Charts doesn’t exactly help you create infographics— just pretty cool graphs, maps, etc. Also it’s totally free and still allows users to bring information to life with cool interactive charts.