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Create Content That Spreads Naturally— Without All the Extra Work


Sometimes when we hit publish on a blog post, we’re not exactly flooded with likes, comments, and shares— sometimes you just get crickets. While this does happens to the best of us, and crickets are absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, it’s just plain disheartening.

So, how exactly do we publish content that stands out amongst all the noise? Here’s six ways to make sure your content comes out on top, naturally— no extra marketing funds or effort required.

Stick to what you know

Yup, you heard me right, now is not the time to try new things. Review your analytics and look at the posts that have generated the most views, leads, and shares. Then, try and replicate your past successes. Whether it’s the format, subject matter, author, title, or whatever, web analytics should help you identify your blog’s sweet spots.

Surprise people

There’s a reason why news publications post terrible stories… because we click on them! I’m not saying you need to make your audience sad, but make them feel something. In content, there is a very strong relationship between emotion and virality.

Your headline is key

A great headline is attention-grabbing and intriguing. It doesn’t matter what your content is about initially— your headline is what gets the clicks. So what does a good one consist of? Remember the four U’s. Headlines and subject lines should be useful, ultra-specific, unique, and urgent.

Don’t tell— show

Visual content should be a major element of your content strategy, because social media platforms reward visual content— it’s proven that visuals increase engagement and shares. Incorporate unique photos, videos, graphic design content— anything really. These days you don’t even need to be a designer to create legit visuals. There’s so many beginner-friendly design tools on the market that can turn us all into (seemingly) pros.

Market to new visitors

After you’ve amped up your content game and new visitors begin to see your stuff for the very first time, you need to capture their interest and gain their trust. Use your blog’s real estate to do just that. Since newbies won’t know a lot about your business, try adding related-content recommendations at the bottom of every post. This way you’ll increase page views, engagement, and the time spent on your site.

Never forget to optimize

Every time you publish content, a new page on your site is created and being indexed in the search engine results page. By honing in on your keyword research, optimizing your new content, and updating existing content, you’ll surface more frequently in the results— seriously improving your traffic, conversions, brand awareness, and so much more.