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Increase E-Commerce Sales With These 4 Tips


The goal of an e-commerce website is pretty straightforward— present a product or service, entice people to purchase it, and then process their payments accordingly. Simple, right? Unfortunately, nothing about the e-commerce business is as easy as it may seem.

To meet your goals, and grow your business, you’ve got to put in some serious work. Here’s some tactics that should help you do just that in the ever-changing world of e-commerce.

A/B Testing

Every aspect of your website should be tested for improvement regularly— including headlines, images, product descriptions, and overall design… everything. But, before you just go around changing everything, have a plan. Changing everything at once won’t show you what was truly effective. Try testing one item at a time— giving it about two weeks per change, so you have a chance to gather the type of data needed to make a permanent decision.

Social Media

Social media helps business owners get more personal with their customers. But, posting all the awesome content in the world won’t often matter (maybe unless you’re a big time fashion influencer) if you aren’t attentive to your followers. Answer their questions about products, start conversations, acknowledge every photo you’re tagged in. Although this is quite a bit of work, there are an array of tools available that make staying on top of your social accounts easier. HubSpot’s social inbox is just one example. Use it to provide great customer service whenever given the chance.

Heat Mapping

Heat mapping tools allow you to see where site visitors spend the most and least amount of time. Even if you’re not making many sales, you’ll still be able to see what products yield the most interest. Also, heat mapping can track where site visitors came from— Facebook, Instagram, your landing page? This is extremely important, as it helps you determine what outlets to focus on.

Exit Calls-to-Action for Lead Gen

I love a deal, I’m pretty sure everyone does. When I jump on a site and an email signup pops up right away offering 20% off, I appreciate it an all, but why give them my email if I don’t want any products? Thus, the exit CTA comes into play… An exit call-to-action is a last minute offer that can be added to a website for last minute lead generation— typically right before a visitor might bounce. If a customer has been on your site for 10 minutes, chances are they’re pretty interested in what you have to offer. Thus, pretty likely to provide an email.