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Here’s How To Make Dull Blog Topics Fun To Read


Some blogs may take us 30 minutes to write while others, of a similar length, seem to drag on for hours. Why is this? Because some topics are just plain boring. And if they’re boring to write, they’re oftentimes just as boring to read. Unfortunately, many mundane matters are just as important as the fun ones. So next time you get stuck with a dull blog topic, here’s how to make it more interesting for your readers:

Make it personal

Use your introductions to tell a story about yourself and address how the to-be-discussed topic has impacted you or a colleague. Sometimes we can’t personally relate. When faced with this, present a question like “have you ever had this problem? Well, this tool could have definitely fixed it.”

Add some visuals

Many people, like myself, are visual learners. Creating a simple infographic makes it easier for these people to understand a highly technical topic. If you don’t have any infographic-making skills yourself, or access to someone who does, simply adding a picture breaks up the text and improves overall readability.

Tell a story

“The ins and outs of ROI” honestly comes across as a pretty lame topic, but still, a very important one. ROI in itself is pretty straightforward, so how can you talk about it in an entire blog post? Try telling a story of the biggest movie flops of all time, so readers can visualize ROI on a very large scale. Mars Needs Moms, Dark Phoenix, we’re looking at you.

Tie in current events

Pop culture is your friend when presented with a dull topic. Introduce your blog with something readers can relate to, like song lyrics or a TV show. Include information as to how your blog will relate to said pop culture anecdote to immediately hook readers.

Interview the experts

If asked to write something you don’t know much about, turn to someone who does. Experts on a particular subject will usually discuss it with the kind of vibrance that will even make us average joes interested.

Incorporate facts and stats

A stat or research-based fact is one of the easiest ways to demonstrate why the topic at hand is important. Look for statistics that shock you— chances are they’ll keep your readers hooked.