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Improve Your Corporate Marketing Strategy With These Tips


When it comes to overall corporate marketing, some brands just get it right. Coca-Cola, for instance, keeps it consistent, Nike shares stories of empowerment, Budweiser is the American beer, and Geico dishes out just the right amount of humor. These brands are easy to relate to and thus, evoke a feeling of trust among consumers. As marketers we should always strive to improve our strategies, so let’s review yours.

First of all, what exactly is corporate marketing? Well, it’s the type of marketing employed to promote a company as a whole, not just individual products. It’s how a company brands itself— from its mission statement to its advertising language.

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s discuss some tactics that’ll help improve your corporate marketing strategy.

Focus on your target audience

Figure out who exactly your target audience is, and then use this to determine what your specific goals are— to generate traffic or raise brand awareness? How does your audience prefer to be communicated with? Do you need to build their trust or obtain new leads? One way to get to know your audience better is through customer satisfaction surveys.

Be unique

This goes unsaid, but you need to stand out among competitors. How can you do this? Analyze competitors’ marketing strategies and determine what you have that they lack. Zero in on your special offerings and talk about them.

Sell a lifestyle

Trader Joe’s, for instance, carries many organic products at affordable price points. They also have their signature murals in each one— murals and other decor that typically matches the neighborhood. The grocery store chain doesn’t just sell produce and knick knacks, it sells a lifestyle. Consumers like to purchase from brands that align with their lifestyles.

Keep the voice consistent

Some brands are witty, others are serious, and many just feel relaxed. Choose a tone and stick with that— it will help people personify your brand. And also, contribute to your unique style.

Social presence

One of the main channels you’ll use to communicate with your audience is social media. On social platforms you can really let your personality shine, as well as understand the needs of your customers better. Remember, a strong social presence is characterized by efficient two-way communication.

Customer service

As I just mentioned, strong two-way communication between brand and consumer is pretty darn important. When you provide excellent customer service, it’s only natural for your customers to become brand advocates. If you’ve had a great experience with a company, you’re likely to talk about it. Make sure your reputation is solid and you’re very likely to come up in conversation.