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What to Absolutely Consider When Marketing to Gen Z


It may be hard to wrap your head around, but Gen Z is starting to enter adulthood, and with adulthood comes more purchasing power.

So just how do you market to the generation that doesn’t know a time without internet— a generation that is more hyper-connected than anyone else? You do it differently. Because Gen Z has different habits than even their close cousins, the millennials.

This is how Gen Z searches the web.

They are much more likely to use long-tail keywords. For instance, older generations are more likely to search using one or two simple keywords— like “politics.” Gen Z is more apt to typing an entire phrase or question in the search engine. “What do I need to know about politics?” — much more Gen Z.

Even if Gen Z is not your target audience just yet, you should optimize your web content for long-tail search keywords. Although the younger generation uses this search tactic most often, millennial aren’t too far behind.

Here’s how Gen Z is likely to begin searches.

Young adults often use the words “cheap” or “how to” in search queries. But the all time favorite? “Best.” These predominate search terms suggest that Gen Z is more frugal and heavily researches ways in which to get the best possible product or experience for their money.

Gen Z searches on mobile devices.

This may be a well known fact, but how should it affect your marketing style? Well, Google typically rewards higher search result ranks to websites with a mobile optimized design.

Young adults prioritize different content.

When compared to older generations, Gen Z much more aggressively seeks out video content. Thus, if you’re trying to appeal to younger adults, it’s key to develop a video strategy on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and now TikTok.

And of course, they love their social media.

This goes without being said, but Gen Z is heavily connected. Search engine optimization might be vital to your overall strategy, but having a social media presence is vital if you want to appeal to young adults. If you’re not on social platforms at this point, you absolutely should be.