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Generate More Revenue With Great Product Descriptions


If you’re anything like me, you’ll find that social isolation and online shopping seem to go hand in hand. And guess what? Our affinity towards online shopping is not going to change much once the world is back to “normal.” This being said, online product descriptions are more important than ever.

So here’s some tips to help you describe your product or service in a way that best resonates with your buyers.

Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes: Potential customers will visualize themselves using a product before making the purchase. Make this easy for them by addressing common concerns, using language they can relate to, and explaining how the product will help them achieve their goals.

Be creative: Product descriptions should not only sell an experience, they should tell a story. Think about what inspired you to create the product when writing this story.

SEO is extremely important. Do keyword research and optimize your product descriptions. By utilizing specific keywords in your page titles, alt tags, meta descriptions, and product descriptions, it will make it easier for potential customers to find the product online.

Reviews are key: Encourage people to leave reviews, utilize quotes, and overall, reduce the need for customers to do further research as much as possible. Additional research is likely to take a potential buyer to a rival site.

It should be an easy read: Not only should the information be clear, but it should be presented in a way that is pleasing to the eye. A large block of text is not easy to digest— consider using bullet points, larger headlines, and other simple formatting fixes.

Incorporate imagery: You know your product better than anyone, so leaving a long list of bullets can be tempting. Yet, textual descriptions can only go so far. Include pictures that help potential buyers envision themselves with the product. Or better yet, also add easily distinguishable symbols or graphics— like a simple vegan symbol, if the product is not made up of animal products.

Measure your success: A/B test different versions to see which product descriptions resonate with your audience better. Besides language or imagery, test out different keywords and lengths. Remember, testing is not complete after you’ve chosen the better description. Track your conversion rate, cart abandonment rate, or simply organic rankings. There is always room to improve.