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Healthcare Marketers Should Utilize Social Media. Here’s How


Social media may have once been a marketing afterthought, but those days are well behind us. Major brands from every industry have a social presence— some, a stronger presence than others. So, what industry exactly is lagging behind in the social media race? Healthcare. A space that seems appropriate to discuss given the current climate.

Thanks to the increasing popularity of social platforms, not to mention— the internet, people are finding themselves more empowered than ever to make their own decisions in regards to their health.

Thus, here are some tips to help you do social media marketing the right way in the healthcare space.

HIPAA regulations still apply

Although social platforms can get pretty wild, medical ethics codes are not to be thrown out the window. Always protect the privacy of your patients/consumers.

Your organization needs a (non-sterile) voice

Social media gives you a chance to engage with customers, as well as show a bit of (appropriate) personality. Choose a consistent tone when posting, respond to all reviews and inquiries, and hey, it doesn’t hurt to introduce some of the faces behind your organization either. Humanizing your business is likely to evoke feelings of trust in potential patients or consumers.


Do not solely push promotions, when you can also be a rich resource and, once again, establish some trust. You already know your audience is interested in their health, so give them the relevant, educational content they’re looking for. Better yet? The kind of content they won’t find elsewhere.

If there’s a public health crisis, talk about it

People like to discuss and distribute critical information on social media, and you could very easily be the source they look to for their news. By providing new information, as well as resources and support, during a time of crisis, your organization may simply amass a large audience organically.

Do not forget to advertise

If you’re truly passionate about your industry, as many in the healthcare space are, it is very easy to get carried away writing educational blogs. Remember to amp up your pay-to-play strategy— also known as sponsored content. Keep in mind, these ads must be well-written, relevant, accompanied by attention-grabbing imagery, and MOST importantly, HIPAA and FDA compliant.