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Yes, Email & Social Media Marketing Actually Work Very Well Together


Fall is in now full swing. To most people, that means cooler weather. To Floridians like myself, that means the bathing suit/summer clothing sale jackpot.

The other day I received an email promotion from one of my favorite swimwear brands, which prompted me to check their instagram account. What did I find? The same promotion. And what did I do? I began to fill up my shopping cart.

Email marketing and social media marketing may be completely different animals, but they can absolutely work together to boost your next marketing campaign if utilized properly.

Typically, email marketing strengthens the relationship with loyal customers, whereas social media marketing attracts new, potential consumers.

Here’s why to integrate email and social media marketing.

When you include a link to your social media profile in a marketing email, it gives subscribers new ways in which to interact with your brand and content.

Consumers could discover a new item or service they were previously unaware of. After all, you don’t want your marketing emails to be cluttered and too content heavy, but sometimes you have so much more to say— that’s where a simple link will suffice.

Say you have a big event coming up. Some people may want play-by-play updates and others do not. In this case, send an email to customers requesting that they like or add your social page if they’d like to stay in the know. By giving people a choice, you may save some from gravitating towards the dreaded “unsubscribe” button.

Now lets change things up a bit. On Instagram, companies such as Birchbox remind customers to check their emails for upcoming promotions. If I was a Birchbox follower, but not yet a subscriber, this may just prompt me to sign up and see what special offers I may receive.

As no two customers are exactly the same, your approach to digital marketing should be holistic. And believe it or not, these “rivals” actually work very well together.