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The Right Way to Utilize Influencer Marketing


Partnering with influencers is a great way to reach new audiences, seeing as almost 50 percent of consumers look to influencers for product recommendations.

So if you’re considering an influencer marketing strategy, the next question is… where do I even start?

The key(s) to an effective influencer marketing strategy:

Set defined goals

Is your goal to drive engagement or increase brand awareness? Gain more leads or establish a sense of brand loyalty with the leads you already have? Not only does defining your end goal help you work backwards to achieve it, it will help when tracking metrics as well.

Determine who your audience is

This is vital because influencers’ audiences vary greatly, depending on what products or lifestyle they promote. Who is your ideal buyer? Get specific if you have to. A 22 year old sorority girl and 28 year old new mother may appear close on paper, but their priorities will likely be vastly different.

Zero in on a campaign type

There is so much you can do with influencer marketing— create competitions, offer discount codes, promote collaborations, and sponsor content, just to name some. Each campaign type can yield different results. Revisit your goals before zeroing in on one.

Create compelling (and relevant) content

This should be a given. Consumers are quick to lose interest, but they’re even quicker to point out a painfully obvious advertisement. Thus, your brand and messaging should seamlessly flow with the rest of your influencer’s content. Ask for the influencer’s opinion if you’re stuck. A true professional will help guide you, and act as a brand ambassador. This ideal partnership is unobtainable if your messaging does not resonate with the influencer’s followers.

Find your influencer

Search relevant hashtags, pay attention to who similar brands promote with, sift through users who are active on an influencer’s posts and see if they align with your audience. Instagram will even show you suggested users when you follow someone new.

Track the performance

By tracking engagement, conversions, traffic, or other metrics that monitor success, you will be able to alter campaigns accordingly so you get the best possible ROI.