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A Step-By-Step Guide to Boosting Social Media Posts


Millions of brands have promoted their content on social platforms for years, with nearly 3 billion social media users in the present day, it can be a surefire way to find your target audience. Yet, the demand for content on social platforms has plateaued as it has become flooded with photos, videos, and articles. Gone are the good ole’ days of utilizing organic reach alone to get ahead— you must pay-to-play now. One of the most effective ways to do this? Boost your posts.

Boosting posts involves paying social platforms to amplify an existing posts in order for it to reach a larger audience. These posts will appear as “sponsored” on a users feed.

How to boost a Facebook post
1) Login to your facebook business page and choose an existing post you’d like to boost
2) Click “Boost Post” on the bottom right hand corner of the post
3) Choose your audience- either choose facebook’s recommended option or create a new audience using a variety of targeting options
4) Set the budget and the amount of time you’d like it boosted for- you will get an outreach estimate once you do this. Play around with budget and duration to see how your outreach may be affected.

How to boost an instagram post
1) Click “Promote” at the bottom of your existing post
2) Choose a goal- do you want to attract more profile visits, web traffic, or specific promotion views? Choose the option that best aligns with your product or message.
3) Choose your audience- The “Automatic” selection targets people like your followers, “Local” targets specific locations, and “Manual” allows you to control various targeting options.
4) Set your budget and duration

How to boost a Twitter post
1) Click “View Tweet Activity.” This is located at the bottom of your tweet
2) Choose “Promote Your Tweet”
3) Choose from different targeting options- Twitter does not allow for as many targeting options and is currently only based off of location.
4) Set a budget