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Looking for More App Engagement? Here’s How to Get it


Apps are pretty well known for their low retention rates. The majority of people who download an app will stop using it after just a short amount of time. With the increased storage space on our smartphones, it is all too easy to let an app sit idle and forget about it altogether. Due to the lack of long-term interest, it is vital that mobile app owners actively combat this trend.

Here are 4 tips for keeping mobile app engagement high

Functionality is key

The app market is highly competitive— there are nearly 5 million on the market. If an app offers subpar functionality, there will likely be numerous competitors a user can (and will) turn to. A short on boarding process is absolutely key— it should take users less than one minute to see what value the app brings to them. In addition to this, poor performance and bugs could ruin engagement. Check often to ensure the app is free of bugs.

Push notifications are your friend

Recent surveys revealed that 46% of app users who enabled push notifications spent 11 or more sessions on the platform— only 25% of users spent 11 or more sessions on apps when push notifications were disabled. When used properly, push notifications have a positive impact on engagement. Yet, the trick is not to overdo it.

Provide Incentives

Help users create an emotional connection with your app by involving them in aspects such as incentives, interactive content, and games. “Waze” is a navigation and traffic monitoring app that allows users to communicate with one another about recent accidents, road blocks etc. Also, many retail apps will allow for discounts on in-app purchases. Make engagement worthwhile either socially, emotionally, or financially.

Update Often

As previously mentioned the app marketplace is extremely competitive. For this reason, you simply cannot afford to have a boring, tired, outdated app. In order to be relevant, constantly evolve and provide new and exciting incentives frequently. By keeping a constant eye on the market, you’ll be able to stay up to date with new features and trends that are developing in your niche.