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Tips for Creating Highly Effective CTAs


Yes, everyone wants their webpage, email, or popup to look good, but it takes more than just good looks for your marketing assets to drive a particular action. The action may be to read a blog post, take a quiz, fill out a form, or sign up for a newsletter— it depends on your particular goals. Once you’ve established your goals (ie build brand awareness or promote the purchase of a product) you’re ready to begin creating effective, high performing calls to action (CTA).

An effective CTA is the right combination of elements working together to drive an action. Some of these elements include messaging, design, and location on the page just to name a few— but there’s plenty to cover.

Here are 6 different tips to create highly effective CTAs:

The CTA should stand out

A call to action must be clear, in both a visual and action sense. Use bright colors, bold fonts, and borders to catch a viewers attention— it should contrast from the rest of the elements on the page and simply specify what action you’d like the viewer to take.

The CTA should be surrounded by supporting messages

There should be more elements at work than just the call to action alone. The email subject line, header graphic, and page copy should all guide viewers to click on the CTA.

Keep it simple

A good CTA makes it easy for viewers to follow through. If possible, add helpful elements, such as an autofill option, that make completing call to actions simple and stress free.

An effective CTA instills a sense of urgency

Create urgency by limiting an offer by time, quantity, or space. Many people will not act unless they are given a reason to. Some high pressure words include “Now,” “Today,” or “Limited Supplies.”

Be sure to optimize for mobile

More than half of web traffic happens on mobile, thus your CTA must be mobile optimized. For it to be effective, it must look appealing on a smaller format. Also, be sure the button appears above the fold and it is easy to click on a touchscreen.

Space CTAs out properly

Including multiple calls to action on one webpage is a common practice, but they must fit logically within the flow of content. If there are too many CTAs or they are too close together you could risk looking desperate— trust me, that is never a good look.