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How to Convert with Psychology: 3 Tricks of the Trade


What’s one thing all of your users, visitors, leads, prospects, and customers have in common? They’re all human. Your product or service aims to fulfill human needs and desires in order to create demand for your business.

Design drives peoples behavior and how they react to your business. When you optimize a website or landing page design for conversions, it is important to leverage psychology and design, as it is key to guiding potential leads.

Here’s three foundational principles that will help you marry psychology and design. Lets take a look:

Don’t be cursed by knowledge

From the moment you begin to develop any sort of marketing collateral— an email, ad, or landing page etc, you are cursed. How so? Business owners and employees know their product better than your average joe. What many do not realize is that someone outside the industry won’t understand the product or service like you do.

Here’s how you beat the curse of knowledge. Test the marketing collateral on members of your target audience who have yet to be exposed to your product. Do they understand how your product works? The benefits? If not, ask them why and utilize that feedback on future pieces.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

As marketers and designers, we need to effectively guide prospects towards the most important parts of our collateral. If an element is larger and bolder than its surroundings, it will draw more attention. Typically people are used to seeing the nav up top, text aligned left, headline then subhead then body copy— change this basic structure up too much and you risk confusing your potential leads. Keep the design simple and information easy to digest.

Minimize user stress

Have a form on your page? Check and recheck it to make sure it’s working properly. Are the fields labeled properly? This will prevent error on the users end. Is it twenty fields long? Cut it down to five. Stressing out your target audience is one surefire way to send them straight to a competitors site.