As a publisher, one of your main priorities is to grow revenue you can control. As the digital advertising industry has matured, new forms of marketing have evolved to allow for advanced and creative lead gen opportunities.

Our post-registration funnel is quickly becoming a great aid for publishers' online revenues.

So, how does that work?

After someone subscribes to your email database, they are then presented with a series of offers. The customizable offers (ie. registration, CPL, native advertisements) allow you to start earning revenue on these leads instantly.

The flow of your post-registration funnel is entirely up to you!

Integrating a post-reg campaign is seamless on the Interactive Offers platform. Check the setup wizard on your account for a list of compatible *ESP's and posting instructions.

Once you have set up your post-reg campaign, feel free to send yourself a test lead to review. Everything must be working properly in order for you to receive your leads in real time.