Native Advertising: in-email and on-site

Re-discover native advertising with native email ads. These ads will help you reach a verified subscriber base, which has interests that align with your brand!

Our native ad units look and feel like the email content that surrounds them, which helps to build trust and incentivize action. They can be integrated with newsletters across our platform giving you access to millions of engaged readers.

Our true native ads are both programmatic and completely customizable.

So what do we offer that many don't?

Most native ads target users based on 3rd party cookies, but our system re-engages verified users through our native email advertisements. Meaning, your ads will appear to an audience that has already taken action. This seamlessly ties multiple channels of media together, while targeting the same highly engaged users.

Check out these examples of in-email and on-site native advertisements:

Our platform makes setting up native just as simple as setting up a dedicated email. A wizard will walk you through the entire process.

There is one difference in setting up native vs. dedicated ads: the targeting options and the creatives.


Targeting allows you to take more control of who sees your ads.

You're free to target by category, demographic, location, and even device type. BUT, we recommend limiting these filters, or your traffic could be limited significantly.

Creative Specs:

These are the exact specs for a native ad:

Like dedicated, you'll be able to add multiple creatives to a native campaign after it's been created.