Dedicated Emails

Email still reigns as one of the most important and effective forms of communication. Thus, maintaining this line of communication with potential clients is vital for the success of your business.

Dedicated email presents advertisers with a unique opportunity to target specific, relevant demographics. This is a method of email marketing where campaigns are sent directly to prospects, so it can be very effective for those looking to generate clicks to their website.

So how does it work?

Just like it sounds, our dedicated emails are entirely dedicated to you. Each email will focus on your message, which will center around a single promotion and corresponding call to action, in order to help you reach your sales or target goals.

A member of our team will work with you to ensure that your dedicated email provides engaging information that is aimed at both selling goods and services, and improving relationships with potential customers.

Interactive Offers' setup wizard makes creating your dedicated email campaign easy:

  • Step 1: Campaign Settings

    First, you must set up the bones of your campaigns by determining a budget, selecting the number of clicks you would like, and choosing an overall base CPC.

  • Step 2: Uploading Creatives

    Next, you'll upload any creatives that accompany your campaign. You'll simply copy and paste your designated email in HTML or plain text.

  • Step 3: Selecting Publishers

    We have an extensive list of publishers to choose from. You're welcome to browse through them and determine which ones you'd like to work with, or open your campaign up to all the quality publishers in our network.

    In this step, you can also edit the bids for each publisher as you see fit. If you choose not to edit your bids, your default bid from step 1 will be implemented for all publishers invited.

  • Step 4: Tracking Conversions and Sales

    Now, you'll have the chance to install a conversion and/or sales *pixel on certain areas of your site or landing page. This will allow you to track conversions and/or sales on our platform. This step is optional, but recommended, as it's very useful for staying within a CPA goal.

    *These pixels work with all of our campaign types, so you only have to do this once.

  • Step 5: Review

    You're almost there! In this final step, you'll review everything. On the review page, you're also free to add additional creatives and invite more publishers.

    Remember, even after your campaign is live, all of these settings can be changed.

    If you have any questions throughout the setup process, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our support team.