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Interactive Offers:
Turning Audiences into Believers

Why programmatic email advertising? Because content, clicks, and conversions matter. Programmatic email advertising allows for trusted and engaging content. Content that gives readers a visually entertaining ad that forms to the email and leaves a lasting impression. Gaining a reader's trust with targeted ads that seamlessly fit a newsletter leads to conversions. Programmatic email advertising provides higher CTR and boosts conversion rates. Email newsletters are booming, and consumers have opted in to email advertising because it's relevant and connects to them.

Getting in touch with customers and earning their mindshare can be a tremendous challenge for publishers and advertisers using email marketing as a primary method of generating leads and revenue. Pairing the correct type of advertising with specific email content can be a cumbersome and challenging task, but it doesn't have to be.

The Power of Email

Regardless of whether you're a publisher or an advertiser, you've come to the right place if you're interested in enhancing the quality of your newsletter. Interactive Offers' Native Ads platform connects our network of publishers to our advertiser network to assist you with scaling your business by using only first-party data.

Control the inbox

If you're a publisher who wants to generate additional revenue from strategically placed ads on your newsletters, our Native Ads integration is a perfect solution for you. We focus on creating targeted ads for your audience to ensure that your newsletter ads are big moneymakers. Plus, we integrate with your newsletter seamlessly, so the amount of effort required to monetize your newsletter is minimal.

Our platform offers you a non-intrusive way to implement ads into your emails so that your subscribers pay attention and engage with them. The more your subscribers engage with the native ads, the more money you make. Leave the tech to us while you collect the checks.

Reach Your Target Audience

Our goal when working with advertisers is to aid in combating the ad fatigue your consumers are experiencing by being hit with ads from all angles. Suppose you're an advertiser trying to place ads in high converting locations. In that case, our Native Email Ads help you reach verified users who are genuinely interested and passionate about your particular offerings. While most ads target users based on 3rd party cookies, our system has the ability to re-engage verified users through our native email ads features.

We integrate with a vast network of publishers who host various newsletters across our platform, giving you access to millions of engaged readers who legitimately want to engage with your product or service offerings. Unlike other ad integration platforms, you can increase conversions while maintaining an authentic, original, and impressionable look and feel. Our platform can help generate significant long-term value out of each customer for your business. Let us build your brand and maximize your revenue.